How to tell if your birthday is a happy dance (and what to do with the birthday candles)

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This is the kind of holiday you probably wouldn’t want to celebrate at home, but if you want to show off your love for a special person or group of people, here are some tips to make the best of your special day.

Happy Birthday to: The Person You Think You AreHappy birthday is an important milestone in your life and is a great opportunity to remember that you have been living the best life possible for the last few years.

It also is a time to remember the things you have gained through the years, and to celebrate the things that have been lost.

Happy birthday to: Someone Who Is Very Happy with YouHappy birthday can be a very emotional moment, but in this case, the happy birthday is for someone who is very happy with you.

The person who is happy with your life, in your mind and in reality, may have had a wonderful life and you may have missed out on some of the things they have enjoyed.

You may have been able to make friends and meet people you otherwise would have missed.

Happy holiday to: Your FriendsHappy holiday can be especially meaningful to someone you are closest with, because it means that you are connected with them and they are connected to you.

You and your friends are going to spend time together and you will enjoy the many experiences they share with you and each other.

Happy day to: You Your Friends Happy holiday is also a time for you and your close friends to come together and celebrate your special occasion.

Happy homecoming Happy homecomings are a time when you are welcomed to your family.

It is a celebration of all that you love and you can even find something in common with your family members.

Happy holidays Happy birthday is the time to take a moment to reflect and be thankful for all that has been.

Enjoying the special times you have made together is the best way to spend the day.

Happy birthday to the person you are most happy with Happy birthday, and congratulations on a life well-lived.

You are one of the lucky ones and you deserve to celebrate all the great things you’ve had in your long life.

Happy Holidays to You and Your Friends

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