How to spot the hottest stars in Australia

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

With this article, we’re going to explore the stars that are the most likely to be on your lips.

The list is by no means comprehensive, but we’ll be highlighting some of the most popular.

A few of the stars who have been linked to you in the past are no longer part of the list and so will not appear here.

We will update the list as we hear back from the stars.

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this season of the AFL, so make sure you read on.

First up, the stars to watch: Happy Valentine, Sam Mitchell and Adam Treloar.

Happy Valentine’s Date: Treloars favourite, Sam, is still one of the best midfielders in the competition and the AFL’s best forward for a reason.

Sam Mitchell has always had a knack for picking up the ball in midfield and he will no doubt be a huge asset to the Bombers.

He was one of only two players who recorded 100 disposals in each of his first two seasons at the club and his 10 goals will surely add a dimension to the side.

Travis Boak will be back in the line-up for the Bombs in 2017 and is likely to feature heavily in the midfield as the Blues try to retain the premiership.

Adam Treloaar: A tall defender, Trela is a favourite of the Blues’ fans and he has the skills to match any player in the game.

He is a proven leader, which will definitely benefit the Blues in their defence.

Ryan Griffen: Griffen was a key cog in the Bombies midfield this season, but his return to form may be a tad premature.

Griffin is a great defender, who has been instrumental in the Blues success this season.

He has a very good game and is a big part of their midfield.

Josh Kennedy: Kennedy has been a key member of the midfield this year and he is back to his best.

He should be able to play on a line with Trelosy, and his presence could help to lift the Blues midfield further.

Matt Crouch: Crouch has played some of his best footy this season and he should get a chance to get some of those marks.

It would be tough to say he’s the most versatile midfielder on the team but he has shown plenty of ability at the contest.

Liam Jones: Jones is the only player on this list who has played all four years of the league, which is why he’s on this year’s list.

Jones has been one of Bombers best midfield players for years and he’ll look to continue his solid form in 2017.

Dane Swan: The Bomber’s No. 1 midfielder is another player who will likely have a big role in the team this year.

Swan is a huge threat on the ball and his work rate is second to none.

Tom Boyd: Boyd was one the Bomblers most dangerous defenders in 2016 and he’s back in 2016 form.

He’ll need to be a big factor for the Blues, especially when they try to play the ball back into the forward 50.

Ricoh Echuca: Echuca has always been a force in the defence, and he could be the difference between winning the premierships and losing a finals series.

Echidocs ability to finish inside the 50 should also help his cause this year, and we can expect him to get a significant boost from the midfield.

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