A happy veterans’ day to mark 7-year anniversary of D-Day

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A happy veteran’s day has been declared in honour of 7-years-old Dajhay Singh.

Singh was killed while patrolling a military base in D-day operations in France on June 6, 1944.

He was the son of a Baghpat farmer and was among the first of the 3,000-plus men killed in the Normandy invasion of France.

The D- Day celebrations mark the centenary of the liberation of France from German occupation and the end of World War II.

The National Congress of Defence Forces (NCDF), the organisation that organised the celebrations, had earlier this year said the day was dedicated to Singh and to the thousands of Dajhis who died in the fighting.NCDF President Dr Sanjay Singh had said earlier this month that the D-DAY celebrations should be held every year and the soldiers should be given a day’s pay every month.

The Congress has been demanding an increase in Dajhi pay.

It had also asked the NCDF to increase the pay of soldiers in the same manner as all the other army forces and give them the same level of compensation.

The government has decided to give the soldiers the same amount as the rest of the army forces.

The National Defence Commission, headed by Lt Gen K V S Srinivasan, had in a memorandum submitted to the National Assembly earlier this week had recommended a compensation of Rs 2 lakh for the soldiers who were killed on D-days.

The committee also suggested that compensation be given for the deaths of Daiyya Singh and his two sons.

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